What to do with melted products...

What to do with melted products...

This is your friendly reminder that the weather is heating up so here is what you need to know about shipping and caring for your products, especially your balm based products.

☀️Balms, which often contain ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and various oils, are particularly susceptible to melting in higher temperatures. This can compromise their texture. Here are ways to handle your balm that may melt during the shipping process or due to being in the hot summer heat.

☀️Firstly, consider the timing and method of shipping. Choose expedited shipping options to reduce the time your products spend in transit. The less time they spend in potentially hot delivery trucks or warehouses, the better.

☀️Once your balm-based products arrive store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Popping your product in the fridge for few hours upon receiving your items, before opening the products, can help make sure the texture remains the same.

☀️If you’ve noticed beads (crystallization) in your balm-based products, these are often the result of improper melting or cooling processes during shipping. While the texture is affected by this, the quality of the products and its safety is not.

☀️Fortunately, you can get your balm back to the correct texture with these steps.

1. Boil some water.
2. Place the Balm Jar in a shallow bowl with the lid on and pour boiling water just bellow the lid so no water gets into the balm
3. Let the Balm sit in the hot water until the water cools to the touch and then check to see if the Balm has melted.
4. Once it has melted, put into the fridge or freezer for a few hours or until solidified again.
5. You should be good to go!
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