I started formulating skincare when I was 18 years old, making skincare for my friends, family, and roommates in my small dorm room during my Freshman year of college. I began formulating my skincare with limited knowledge about skincare and how to make it, but an eagerness to find out more. I studied and researched as much as I could and developed three products with which I eventually launched Ash + Stone Skincare. You can read more about that here.

As my company grew, my research and learning did as well, and I enrolled in an accredited natural skincare formulation school. Even before I enrolled, my research pushed me to create even better skincare products for myself and my customers. While working on my formulation degree, I began working on new formulas for existing products and creating new products. After finishing my program and graduating with my certified formulation degree, I was ready to release them.

If you have been following along with our journey here at Ash + Stone, these new formula changes may feel abrupt or sudden, but I assure you many months and research went into each new and revised formulation to give our customers the best skincare possible. 

Here are the products that have updated formulas: The Omega Facial Oil, Sunshine Oil Cleanser, Body Oil, O.G Balm (formally known as The Moisturizer), O.G Facial Oil, and O.G Toner (formally known as the Lavender and Frankincense Toner).  Shop the new collection here!

The Omega Facial Oil kept its base of Organic Chia Seed Oil, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, and Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and gained three more powerful oils: Organic Jojoba Seed Oil (infused with Comfrey and Yarrow leaf), Organic Moringa Oil, and Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil. You can read more about these ingredients soon in upcoming blogs. 

The Sunshine Oil Cleanser kept its base of Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Castor Oil, and Organic Avocado Oil and gained Organic Jojoba Seed Oil (infused with organic calendula flower, organic comfrey, and organic yarrow leaf) and Organic Grapeseed Oil. You can read more about these ingredients soon in upcoming blogs.

Body Oil kept all its original ingredients and only added a herbal infusion of Organic Calendula flowers, Organic Helichrysum flowers, and Organic Chamomile flowers. These three herbs are powerful skin healers and nourishers and make a perfect addition to an already amazing product. 

O.G Balm, formally known as The Moisturizer, gained the same three herbs as the Body Oil (Calendula, Helichrusym, and Chamomile). We also removed the Aloe Vera Gel Juice and Vegetable Glycerin for consistency (to create a more consistent balm texture) and anti-spoilage purposes. It is still the same product you know and love with even more skin healing benefits. 

O.G Facial Oil kept its base of Organic Jojoba Oil with organic Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oils. We removed the Organic Avocado Oil to better suit the normal/combination/oily skin type. We also added four powerful ingredients: Organic Sunflower seed Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, and Squalene to this product. You can read more about these ingredients soon in upcoming blogs.

O.G Toner kept its original ingredients with two added ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin and Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. Vegetable Glycerin is a humectant that helps to draw moisture to the skin and retain water in the layers of the skin. Radish Root Ferment Filtrate is a plant-based and nontoxic preservative that helps to stabilize and preserve water-based products, such as toners. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial, preventing bacterial growth in the product, and also helps soften and moisturize the skin.





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