Bottle Returns

Once you have collected at least five jars and bottles email us at for more information, address, and next steps.

  • You must have a rewards account with us set up to receive points
  • You can send up to 15 bottles in at a time
  • Each bottle is 10 points ($1) 
  • Please clean your bottle thoroughly.

We ask that you remove any + all labels and clear residue off to the best of your ability.

  • We cannot reuse spray, drop or pump lids, so feel free to recycle those or reuse them yourself. If you want, you can send them to us and we can recycle them for you. 
  • We do not accept any non Ash + Stone Skincare bottles. We only take back our own bottles and jars. 

Drop off option:

  • You can always drop off your products if you are local to the Saint Louis area. Please email us at to do so
  • You can also return bottles and jars at any event Ash + Stone Skincare will be attending.