It all started

Freshman Year...

In an attempt to find all-natural solutions for skin that was uneven, breaking out, inflamed, that wasn’t going to break the bank, the early stage of Ash + Stone was born in a small dorm room in Indianapolis, IN. Through several failed attempts and a slimy green moisturizer, the perfect recipe was finally discovered and perfected over the course of the next year and a half. The O.G Balm, our first product, was a hit, a total face life changer for my sorry skin. Two more products followed within the next few months. The rest is history. Since then, Ash + Stone Skincare’s Founder, Ashton Qual has graduated with her degree in holistic skincare formulation and continues to formulate create holistic skincare for people around the country.

Made in small batches, using careful and healthy practices, Ash + Stone uses completely natural and plant-based ingredients that nourish the skin, treat skin issues, and help to bring that glow that you’ve been looking for. Ash + Stone is dedicated to creating quality products that are great for your skin, great for you, and great for the environment. With understandable ingredients that serve a purpose, every ingredient is chosen with care and with you in mind. Committed to serving our customers and giving them products that they can trust and come back to time and time again, Ash + Stone is focused on building confidence from the inside out and supporting your natural beauty, taking a holistic approach to skincare. This means we are focused on not only skin health but overall health and wellness. 
Holistic and clean beauty has been on the rise for the past few years, as it should be, but so have the prices. Ash + Stone was created to give customers holistic products that they can use in more than one way, for a price that even broke college students can afford. Free of any harsh chemicals, toxins, and fake ingredients, Ash + Stone is filled with plant-based, organic, and powerful ingredients. Ash + Stone serves to provide a simple solution for busy lives and clean, happy skin. Beauty can be simple, easy, and clean. Unlock your natural beauty. #Ash&StoneSkincare