Cloud Facial Cream Q&A

Cloud Facial Cream Q&A

With new products comes lots of questions, and we wanted to make sure you can find all the answers in one place. If you haven't read our original Cloud Facial Cream blog, check that out here for an overview and breakdown of the products... 

Who needs this product and why?

The cloud cream was formulated for all skin types and is perfect for anyone whether they have dry, sensitive, oily, acne prone or normal skin. It is the perfect lightweight water based moisturizer to hydrate and help heal the skin from various skin issues. It is great for those with acne as well as those with dry and aging skin. The ingredients chosen in this product help with fighting fine lines, skin texture issues, discoloration and whatever your skin care needs are, this facial cream is going to be your go to product. 


Why it’s more expensive?

Since Ashton founded Ash + Stone Skincare, our goal has been to make high quality, clean and nontoxic skincare affordable. We have kept costs as low as possible for the products we currently have. The Cloud Facial Cream is an unlike anything we have ever made before however. Not only does this product contain expensive ingredients like hyaluronic acid & goldenseal, the time and precision that goes into the making of the cloud cream, is way more demanding than any of our current products. To ensure the quality is always maintained and the ingredients are effective and powerful, the price reflects. We have still worked hard to keep this product affordable at $50, where similar creams on the market go for $50-$100. We appreciate your support and hope you love the new Cloud Facial Cream. 


How to store it.

Store in a cool, dry place away from water. This product is formulated with majority water and water based products and does contain a plant based preservative, but to ensure the cloud facial cream stays bacteria and mold free, keep away from outside water. This product has a 6 month shelf life.

Cloud cream v. O.G. Balm 

The O.G balm is an all purpose balm, not necessarily a “moisturizer”, although you can definitely use it as such if you chose too. To be considered a true "moisturizer", it must contain water (hydrous based product). The O.G Balm is "anhydrous" because it contains no water. It contains occlusive and soothing properties and  helps to lock in moisturize from products put on before it. It can help to heal scaring, redness, skin issues like rosacea , eczema and psoriasis and protect the skin barrier. Think of it as your last line of defense (expect SPF in the am).

The Cloud Facial Cream is a more traditional “moisturizer” that is water based (hydrous) and lighter, therefore able to actually penetrate the layers of the skin and provide lasting, deep hydration to the skin on top of all the other benefits it offers.

We recommend using both, especially in the winter,  but always layer thinnest to thickest, so the cloud cream would always go first.  


Which facial oil works best with the Cloud Facial Cream?

Each of our facial oils can be paired with the Cloud Facial Cream to add extra hydration and an occlusive to your skincare routine (as well as the OG balm). If sensitive to essential oils try our essential oil free option when pairing when a facial oil that contains essential oil. 

For Dry/Mature skin, pair the Cloud Facial Cream with the Renew Facial Oil.

For normal/oily/combination skin, pair the Cloud Facial Cream with the O.G Facial Oil.

For hormonal and acne prone skin, pair the Cloud Facial Cream with the Omega Facial Oil. 


Can I mix my facial oil with the Cloud Facial Cream?

The cloud cream works best if applied to clean skin first & then followed up with a facial oil or balm, not mixing them at the same time. 

Is the Cloud Facial Cream good for wrinkles, texture, discoloration? 

Yes! The hyaluronic acid, as well as Organic Squalene, Organic Baobab Oil, Organic Rose Hydrosol  and Organic Rose Essential Oil, all helps to treat wrinkles, fine lines, texture issues and discoloration issues, all though here at Ash + Stone we believe aging is a natural and beautiful part of life.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to prevent water loss to the skin, thus helping prevent unnecessary aging signs and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose Hydrosol helps to promote skincare regeneration, helping with wrinkles and aging.

Baobab Oil is rich in fatty acids and helps to improve skin texture.

Squalene is an occlusive and helps to protect the skin barrier, helping with aging lines and texture issues.

Rose Essential oil helps to heal dry and damage skin as well as fight acne and other skin texture issues.  

Why did Ash+Stone make this product 

We saw a need for a clean and more affordable water based moisturizer, that wasn’t filled with toxins, fillers or confusing preservative and wasn’t $100. Water is the skins main hydration and without it the skin can be very dry & dehydrated, even when using oil based products. This water based cream is high quality while also being safe with nontoxic and plant based preservative making sure this product stays stable and mold free. 

Is water-based better than oil based? 

It is not that one is better than the other, but they provide different functions. Technically a product cannot be considered a true moisturizer without containing water, a hydrous ingredients. This is why, during our rebrand we changed the name of The Moisturizer to the O.G Balm, as it no longer contained any water based ingredients and was no longer an hydrous product.

Water based products are intended to be light and seep deep into the skin, and oil based products are intended to be occlusives and need humectants to pull them into the skin since the molecules are to large to pass through on their own.

As for a daily moisturizer, the combination of a water based cream (the cloud facial cream) followed with an oil based product ( any of our facial oil or the OG Balm), is the perfect pairing that allows for deep hydration and outside skin barrier protection and healing. 


We hope this helps. If you have more questions about the Cloud Facial Cream or any of our other products, email us at

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